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Analysing performance for 25 years

When the late Peter Huntley founded his consultancy business The TAS Partnership in 1989, he was clear that there was a need to monitor and understand trends and developments in the financial and market performance of our passenger transport industries. The research project he conceived was taken forward by a team of industry colleagues, one of whom was Chris Cheek. As the project and the consultancy business developed, the work of preparing and editing the reports fell increasingly to him, and became the responsibility of a separate company, TAS Publications & Events Ltd, as long ago as 1994.

Now, in a further development, TAS Publications has been renamed as Passenger Transport Intelligence Services.  CLICK read more about the ongoing TAS consultancy business.

From knowledge comes understanding

Thus, for over 25 years, we have been monitoring the performance and development of public transport in the UK. This vital activity has formed part of the company's growing and successful consultancy business, which has developed since 1989. If we are to help our clients, we need to understand their business - and data and market intelligence form a critical part of that understanding.

Our products, many updated annually, have been major sellers ever since they were launched, and our reports have been quoted extensively by central Government, Parliament, academics around the world and the media - both print and broadcast.

Our regular readers include transport professionals from as far away as Singapore, Japan and Australia: closer to home, we sell regularly to city analysts and finance houses, universities, consultants and transport operators. In Government, publications go regularly to devolved authorities, regulatory bodies such as the Competition Commission and the Office of Fair Trading, and PTEs and local authorities.

Our philosophy

We believe that from knowledge comes understanding: our major industry monitoring projects, Bus Industry Monitor, Rail Industry Monitor and Rapid Transit Monitor each aim to provide a digest of the available data on the performance of these industries. Company accounts, market statistics and trends, investment levels and a host of other data are provided on our Passenger Transport Monitor web site, whilst topic-based analysis reports are also available to purchase separately via our online shop.

With more than a decade of experience of data collection and presentation, we like to think that we know what our readers need and want - and we aim to provide it. Which may explain why words such as “invaluable”, “fascinating” and “amazingly comprehensive” appear regularly in the responses we get from our readers.

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