Bus Industry Monitor - A Portait

The Bus Industry Monitor (BIM) project has two primary objectives:

  • to fill the gaps in research by maintaining a database on all relevant 'hard' data on subsidy, turnover, profits, investment, policy initiatives, patronage, competition and costs.
  • to provide comprehensive and detailed reference material on a regularly updated basis on the issues of concern to managers, planners, decision makers and all those concerned with the future of the bus industry.

The project comprises a number of different workstreams, which enable individual reports and web pages to be updated progressively as more recent data becomes available.

The workstreams are:

1. The Market for Bus Services

  • Statistical information on patronage, revenue and fare trends
  • Influences on demand for bus travel

2.  Industry Structure and Ownership

  • Statistical analysis of the current pattern of industry ownership, including maps and market share calculations
  • Set in the context of the historic evolution of the industry since it was founded in the early years of the 20th century.

3.  Public Spending on Bus Services

  • Trends in local and national government financial support.
  • The analysis is designed to look at relative costs and developments, and provide detailed authority-by-authority information on spending trends.

4.  Investment & Fleet Analysis

  • Examining vehicle purchase and investment decisions for all major operators
  • Analysis of contrasting investment levels by operator and operator type

5.  Industry Performance

  • The overall financial performance of the industry
  • The results of individual operating companies
  • Performance analysed by region, industry sector and ownership type
  • KPIs of performance with national and regional league tables
  • Movements in operating costs
  • The structure of industry costs
  • Key trends in labour costs and productivity.

Company Reports

In addition to the analysis work, the project provides reports on individual operators, groups and holding companies, including

  • company results
  • investment decisions

Getting the Data

Bus Industry Monitor data can be obtained in two ways:

  • By purchasing published reports published through the year on the different workstreams, available as hard copies
  • By taking out a subscription to our online service, which contains all the information we produce, plus individual company reports. It is regularly updated with new research and analysis.

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